Salary Program Guidelines for
APC (Unit 4) Employees

Budget Shortfall Mitigation (BSM) Bonus
Processing Instructions

Processing Responsibility: SCO
Processing Date(s): 2010/11 - Payments will be processed by November 1, 2011.
Earnings ID: GY
Pay Amount or Formula: 2010/11 = $751.28 for full-time, prorated for part-time.
Varies each year.
Taxable/Reportable: Yes
Subject to Medicare: Yes
Subject to Social Security: Yes
Subject to Retirement Withholding: No
Included in Calculation for Overtime: Yes, but only in the pay period in which the bonus is paid.
Included in NDI/IDL: No
Additional Information:
  • Bonus payments will be captured in CIRS via a tab-delimited Compendium Report under code H69. The cycle will reflect the corresponding fiscal year.
  • Payments will be issued using the May 2011 pay period. Any additional 2010/11 BSM bonuses keyed by campuses should be processed using the May 2011 pay period.
  • General Bonus Instructions
  • HR/Salary 2011-14 (2010/11 BSM)
  • HR/Salary 2010-18 (2009/10 and 2010/11 Merit Bonus Pool)
  • HR/Salary 2005-22
  • Refer to Article 23 of the collective bargaining agreement.
Workforce Administration: N/A
Time and Labor:
  • Earnings ID:
    • GY – Process via Additional Pay
    • Effective Date: 05/01/11
    • Amount: As indicated above
Additional Instructions: This transaction will automatically be processed by the SCO. Campuses will only need to insert a row in Oracle/PeopleSoft to “reflect” the transaction. Any additional 2010/11 BSM bonuses keyed by campuses should be “processed” using the GY Earnings ID as referenced above.

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Last updated: November 1, 2011

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