Salary Program Guidelines
for Executive Employees

Housing Allowance

Historical Summary By Fiscal Year
Fiscal Year Amount Payment Date Earnings ID CMS
Earnings ID
2005/06 Rates approved by Board of Trustees resolution Monthly GP GP

General Information

  • Campus presidents are provided either a house or a housing allowance to aid them in performing official university-related business functions. Housing allowances are set by the Board of Trustees. Campuses are responsible for processing housing allowances.

  • Change in Processing Instructions: To ensure uniformity and consistency in reporting, effective January 2006, campuses will be required to process housing allowance payments via the SCO payroll system only. Historically, housing allowance payments were permitted either through the SCO payroll system or through the accounting/accounts payable process; however, effective January 2006, campuses are asked to discontinue housing allowance payments via the accounting/accounts payable process and use the SCO payroll system only.
Processing Instructions/Coded Memo Reference

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Last updated: April 7, 2008

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