Salary Program Guidelines for
CSUEU (Units 2, 5, 7, 9) Employees

Per Diem Appointments
(Applies to Unit 2 only)

Historical Summary By Fiscal Year
Fiscal Year % Effective Date PIMS Trans Code CMS Action/Reason
1999/2000 - Present Add 29% differential to the hourly rate
(Hourly Rate X 1.29 = Per Diem Hourly Rate)
First Day of Appointment A52
  • DTA/APT - New Temp Appointment
  • HIR/APT - Appointment
  • HIR/CON - Concurrent Job
  • HIR/PRI - Appoint Prior Employee
  • REH/REH - Rehire

  • General Information

    • Pursuant to provisions in the CSU/CSUEU collective bargaining agreement (CBA), "Per Diem" employees in designated classifications who were hired on an hourly/intermittent basis receive an additional 29% above their regular hourly base rate. The designated classifications are provided in Appendix B of the CBA. In order to accommodate the additional 29% rate for Per Diem employees, classification code 7930 was created in Unit 2.

    • Pursuant to the FLSA, all Per Diem employees are considered non-exempt; therefore, work hours must be tracked and the employee is eligible for overtime in the event he/she works over 40 hours in a workweek.

    • Per Technical Letter HR/Salary 2010-06, Unit 2 classifications encompassing the Per Diem class code has been revised as follows:

    Unit 2 - Per Diem Non-Exempt Healthcare (Class Code 7930)

    Class Code Classification Title Class Code Classification Title
    7927 Clinical Lab Scientist I 7995 Radiological Technologist I
    7926 Clinical Lab Scientist II 7996 Radiological Technologist II
    8134 Licensed Vocational Nurse I 8130 Registered Dietitian
    8133 Licensed Vocational Nurse II 8150 Registered Nurse I - 10 Month
    8165 Nurse Practitioner - 10 Month 8151 Registered Nurse I - 12 Month
    8166 Nurse Practitioner - 12 Month 8153 Registered Nurse II - 10 Month
    7991 Pharmacist I - 10 Month 8154 Registered Nurse II - 12 Month
    7992 Pharmacist I - 12 Month 8156 Registered Nurse III - 10 Month
    7922 Phlebotomist/Clinical Lab Assistant 8157 Registered Nurse III - 12 Month
    8161 Physician Assistant 7976 Speech Pathologist

    Calculating Per Diem Pay

    • To determine the appropriate salary rate for an employee placed in a Per Diem classification, campuses are required to perform the following steps:

      1. Identify the appropriate classification (e.g., Pharmacist I, Licensed Vocational Nurse II);
      2. Refer to the 12-month salary range of the classification identified in #1 above to determine the appropriate equivalent base rate of pay (if the incumbent were full-time). This rate must be within the classification's salary range;
      3. Convert the monthly rate to the hourly/intermittent rate (Base Rate / 173.33 = Hourly Rate);
      4. Once the hourly rate is determined, add a 29% differential to the hourly rate (Hourly Rate X 1.29 = Per Diem Hourly Rate); and,
      5. Appoint incumbent to Per Diem classification (code 7930).
      6. If the employee receives an adjustment in their base rate, recalculate the Per Diem Hourly Rate by adding a 29% differential to the new base rate.

    • Pursuant to Article 2 in the CBA, a Per Diem employee does not accrue leave and is not eligible for benefits and is not covered by Articles 14 (Vacation and Holiday), 15 (Leave of Absence with Pay), 16 (Leaves of Absence Without Pay), 21 (Benefits), and 22 (Professional Development). A Per Diem employee is eligible for retirement pursuant to provision 21.37 (Part-Time Employees Retirement Plan) and in accordance with CalPERS regulations.
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    Last updated: March 2, 2010

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