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Financial Services
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June 13, 2011
Code: FS 2011-02

FOA Delegates

George V. Ashkar
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Controller
Financial Services
Auxiliary FNAT Keys

For those campuses that may need the information, the following new CSU funds and FNAT keys have been created for auxiliary organizations in an effort to support the implementation of the CFS project. This information was previously provided via an email to campuses. I am sending it to the CSU and Its Auxiliary in case there are others that may need it.

129484: CSU fund 911 Invested in Capital Assets, net of Related Debt
129485: CSU fund 921 Restricted, Nonexpendable – Endowments
129486: CSU fund 931 Restricted, Expendable – Scholarships/Fellowships
129487: CSU fund 932 Restricted, Expendable – Research
129488: CSU fund 933 Restricted, Expendable – Loans
129489: CSU fund 934 Restricted, Expendable – Capital Projects
129490: CSU fund 935 Restricted, Expendable – Debt Service
129491: CSU fund 936 Restricted, Expendable – Other
129492: CSU fund 981 Unrestricted, Non-Auxiliary Enterprise/Non-Student Services
129493: CSU fund 982 Unrestricted, Auxiliary Enterprise
129494: CSU fund 983 Unrestricted, Student Services
129495: CSU fund 991 Agency Funds

Please contact Sedong John at (562) 951-4577 or sjohn@calstate.edu if you have any questions or comments.