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Executive Order No.: 718
Title: Prohibition of Labor Abuse Among Contractors
Effective Date: December 7, 1999
Supersedes: No prior executive order

This policy shall apply to all licensing agreements with the California State University (CSU) or a CSU affiliated enterprise authorizing a licensee to manufacture products bearing the name, logo, or image of the CSU. This policy shall include each contractor, subcontractor, vendor, or manufacturer that is engaged in a manufacturing process including assembly and packaging of a CSU licensed product.

The CSU is opposed to any acts or omissions by a licensee that would constitute labor abuse. Officers and employees of the CSU and its auxiliary organizations will use their best efforts to ensure that licensees adhere to non-abusive labor practices, including the provision of safe and healthful working conditions.

Charles B. Reed

Dated: December 7, 1999

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