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Subject: Banking Services Reference: RFIN 9-73-19

RESOLVED, By the Board of Trustees of the California State University and Colleges, that the following criteria for the operation of banking services on campus are approved:

1. The campus president may request permission of the Chancellor after he determines there is a need for such services in appraising the adequacy of banking facilities available in the general area of the college. 2. Adequate nonstate funded facilities should be available to house the banking program. State funded and constructed facilities should not be utilized for banks, even if they have been declared temporarily in excess of the needs of the college. This should not preclude, however, available vacant land being leased for banking purposes on a temporary basis while nonstate funded facilities are being constructed. 3. Banking services provided on campus should be available for all students, staff and organizations of the college community. 4. The interested bank must apply for and receive the necessary approval of the appropriate bank regulatory authority. Any approval granted will be on the basis of the criteria normally used by the Regional Comptroller of the Currency or the State Superintendent of Banks, whichever is applicable, for establishing banks. 5. The campus desiring banking services on campus must be agreeable to accept the specific bank receiving approval of the appropriate regulatory authority if that bank will agree to operating terms established by the campus.

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