Finance and Treasury


Financing and Treasury provides effective leadership in debt and cash management to campuses in support of the California State University's educational mission.

Vision Statement

We will continue to build our reputation for excellence with improvement in cost effective and strategically beneficial debt and cash management programs for the California State University.

Staff Directory

  • Robert Eaton, Assistant Vice Chancellor
    Financing, Treasury and Risk Management
    (562) 951-4572

  • Audra Reed, Office Administrator
    Financing, Treasury, and Risk Management
    (562) 951-4564

  • Rosa Renaud, Director
    Long Term Finance
    (562) 951-4566

  • Angelique Sutanto, Manager, Debt Administration and Compliance
    Long Term Finance
    (562) 951-4565

  • Christina Long, Assistant Manager
    Long Term Finance
    (562) 951-4373

  • Syrus En, Director
    Short Term & Structured Finance
    (562) 951-4593

  • Ronald Flatt, Director
    Banking and Treasury Operations
    (562) 951-4521

  • Alisa Schivley, Assistant Manager
    Banking Operations
    (562) 951-4597

  • Scott August, Assistant Manager
    Treasury Operations
    (562) 951-4498

Content Contact:
Financing and Treasury
(562) 951-4570
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Last Updated: April 05, 2017