Doctorate of Education (Ed.D) in Educational Leadership

Applying To A Program

Fall 2012 Application to CSU Ed.D. Programs

Applying to a CSU Ed.D. Program in Educational Leadership is a TWO PART process.

Part One: Apply to the CSU online through CSU Mentor:

  1. Go to the CSU Mentor
  2. Proceed to the Graduate Application Page
  3. Follow the instructions for submitting your application online

Part Two: Apply to the Ed.D. Program in Educational Leadership on the campus where you wish to enroll. This requires submitting several documents, including at least the following:

  1. A personal statement
  2. Three (3) letters of recommendation
  3. Your official resume or curriculum vitae
  4. Two (2) sets of official transcripts from all post-secondary programs attended
  5. GRE scores

It is essential that you follow the specific requirements for the campus you are interested in. Find the requirements for each campus' Ed.D. program by linking the individual campus program website from the Program Descriptions page

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