Bulletin 98-05

Revised: May 12, 2005

Office Products and Supplies (REVISED)

AGREEMENT NO.: M970052 Product Lists and Current Insurance Certificate

(See Attached - 46 pages)

CONTRACTOR: Office Depot Business Services Division (Federal ID No. 59-2663954)

TERM: ( Extended up to 3 months beginning 7/1/05)

DESCRIPTION: This Agreement, for participating campuses of the California State University (CSU), the University of California (UC), and California Community College Districts (CCC), sets forth the pricing and terms and conditions governing the purchase of a broad range of office products. Category A Products are 260 high volume brand-specific items for which firm pricing has been established. Category B Product pricing is based on 38% off list price for computer supplies and office machines & equipment and 50% off all other Office Depot product lines exclusive of Category A items. Each participating CSU campus must execute a Campus Participation Agreement (Master Agreement - Rider E) referencing the Master Agreement. Campuses shall have the right, but not the obligation, to purchase office products under this agreement.

Participating campuses should attempt to resolve local contractual issues including performance, delivery, pricing etc with designated Office Depot Sales Reps before escalating to CSU or Office Depot Contract administrators noted below.

VENDOR CONTACT: Aaron Snyder (909)799-9003

Jim Hudson (800) 962-0746 ext 201, FAX: (909)799-8957


Campuses may elect either Centralized or Desktop delivery. However campuses should note that Desktop Delivery results in significantly higher pricing for Category A items; Category B pricing is the same for both Centralized and Desktop delivery.


Campuses may elect to place orders with Office Depot under this agreement using any of the following options:
EDI- electronic interface via "CAN DO" software installed on MacIntosh or PC
Web Ordering - via direct link to Office Depot's Web Site
Hardcopy PO or Custom Order Form - transmitted via fax or mail

CSU Contact:
Donald W. Green
Director, Procurement & Support Services
Cal Poly Pomona
Phone: (909) 869-3400
FAX (909)869-4377
EMAIL: dwgreen@csupomona.edu
Last Updated 5/12/05
Content Contact:
Contract Services and Procurement
Technical Contact:

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