CPDC Architecture & Engineering

Systemwide Seismic Peer Review

Per trustee policy a seismic assessment is required for all projects.

For Major Capital Projects an outside seismic peer review is required by the specific peer reviewer or his designee assigned to each campus.

Minor Capital Projects may be submitted for peer review or may be reviewed and approved administratively by the campus at the discretion of the campus deputy-building official. This is discussed more fully in Section 3.7, Peer Review for Small Projects, of the CSU Seismic Policy.

The Seismic Peer Review Agreements are fully executed master enabling agreements maintained by the Office of the Chancellor for systemwide use. Copies of the agreements and amendments are provided for reference. The actual signed editions and certifications of insurance are maintained on file at the Office of the Chancellor.

To authorize Peer Review under these Agreements the campus need only execute a Service Order Authorization (Exhibit A) for the appropriate firm.

Click the following link for Systemwide Seismic Peer Review Agreements