CPDC Architecture & Engineering

State Fire Marshal (SFM) Review

SFM review and approval is required for all CSU construction and renovation projects (This is anything on a CSU campus).

In general, SFM approval entails a plan review followed by periodic SFM field inspections, concluding with issuance of a SFM Certificate of Occupancy (C of O).

Coordinating CSU / Office of the State Fire Marshal Construction Inspections

Deputy Chief of Fire Safety - Rules of Engagement September 2018

CSU Criteria for Phased Construction Permits (Rev 6.9.16)
A CSU/SFM process designed to streamline the review and approval of major projects.

SFM Fire and Life Safety Division – Plan Review
Detailed SFM plan review submittal requirements.

CSU Projects - SFM Review Checklist Guideline
An informal checklist that SFM uses to plan and check CSU projects.

SFM Fire and Explosion Reporting
Link for 24/7 timely SFM incident reporting.

Accessing SFM Services
All CSU SFM services are coordinated through the SFM Sacramento Headquarters Office.

State of California – Office of the State Fire Marshal
1131 “S” Street
Sacramento, CA  95811
General Information: (916) 445-8550
Plan Review: (916) 324-3783
Fax: (916) 324-3784