CPDC Architecture & Engineering


In accordance with CPDC policy memo dated October 21, 2005, Commissioning is required for major capital projects both state and non-state funded within the CSU system.

Certain projects may not receive full benefit of this requirement and may be administratively exempted from commissioning. Such projects may include leased buildings, parking lots and other non-energy related projects. CSU campus will need to seek the approval of CPDC Assistant Vice Chancellor (AVC) to waive the requirements of commissioning on a project. Some level of commissioning is required to complete State of California Building Energy Standards Title 24 Certificates of Compliance on all projects. CPDC AVC exemption approval will not waive such requirement.

Commissioning Master Enabling Agreements (CxMEA) and Monitoring Based Commissioning Master Enabling Agreements (MBCxMEA) have been executed with the qualified firms. Campuses shall contract with any of these firms through their respective agreements (identified in the table under Services Provided) to provide Commissioning (Cx) and Monitoring-based Commissioning (MBCx). Terms and conditions, including specific fees, have been pre-established in these agreements. To authorize commissioning services under these agreements, the campus needs only to execute a Service Order and Authorization to Proceed (SOA) (Exhibit A) for the chosen firm. Base agreements have been provided for reference only. The actual executed agreements are on file at the Office of the Chancellor.

Other procurement methods of Commissioning are:

  • Campus may contract with A/E of record and issue an Extra Service Authorization (ESA) to the A/E Agreement to provide commissioning services.
  • Campus may contract with a member of the Mechanical Review Board (MRB) who is providing mechanical systems review (MSR) services on the project and issue SOA to proceed as an extra service to the MSR to provide commissioning services.
  • Campus may use Service Agreement and contract with a qualified engineer of their choice to provide commissioning services.

Systemwide Commissioning Master Enabling Agreements