CPDC Architecture & Engineering

CM@Risk Projects

Agreement Type Use for: Limitations on Use
CSU Architect/Engineer Agreement for CM@Risk Projects A/E design services for CM@Risk major capital projects. Intended as the ‘owner/architect agreement’ for CM@Risk major capital building projects.
Typically not appropriate for use on minor capital projects or supporting design services due to extensive deliverables defined in agreement.

A complete agreement includes the Agreement,
Rider A, and Exhibits A, B, C, and D.
CSU Project Architect/Engineer Agreement
(For CM@Risk)
MS Word file
(rev date: 2-12-18)
Rider A - General Provisions
(For CM@Risk)
MS Word file
(rev date: 1-14-14)
Exhibit A - Scope of Work
Provided as a suggestion for format and outline of content. Each Scope of Work must be written to reflect the specifics of an individual project.
MS Word file
(rev date: 1-14-14)
Building Schedule Classification
Exhibit B -
Schedule of Lump Sum Fees
Exhibit C - Project Schedule
Includes instructions for completing exhibits & Revision History
MS Excel file
(rev date: 1-14-14)
Exhibit D - Procedure Manual for CSU Capital Projects PDF
(rev date: 12-2-11)