CPDC Architecture & Engineering

Professional Services Agreements

The CSU maintains standard-form agreements for use on CSU projects to facilitate timely acceptance by all parties, and to ensure that various policy and legal requirement are met. Each standard-form agreement type has been vetted for form and consistency, and accepted for use by CSU General Counsel. CSU agreements are consistently applied and have a long-established record of use.

For the above reasons, the CSU expects to use its agreements without modification and generally seeks to limit agreement language revisions to an annual update cycle.

Scope adjustments to individual agreements may be considered to address non-standard conditions, i.e. project restarts, project assumptions, disaster recovery efforts, etc. Any adjustment made must be highlighted in a special section of the Scope of Work titled, ‘Modifications to Agreement’ and reviewed by CSU General Counsel.

We strive to maintain consistent, balanced, and understandable agreements and welcome comments on potential improvements. Please contact this office with suggestions in this regard.

Future Developments: Draft scopes are under development for Design-Build Bridging Documents, Project Feasibility Studies and other model Service Agreement scopes. A/E Bulletins will announce updates as they become available.