State University Administrative Manual
Appendix B: Facilities Planning
The forms listed below are in Excel format except where noted.
The instructions are in Word format.



CPDC 1-1 / Instr (.doc)

Five Year Improvement Program, State or Nonstate Funded

CPDC 1-3 / Instr (.doc)

Project Summary Worksheet, State Funded

CPDC 1-4 (.doc)

Project Description, State Funded

CPDC 2-1 / Instr (.doc)

Full-Time Equivalent Enrollment Distribution, State Funded

CPDC 2-2 / Instr (.doc)

Enrollment Distribution by Level and Category of Instruction, State Funded

CPDC 2-3

Calculation of Space Requirement for Instructional Projects, State Funded

CPDC 2-4 / Instr (.doc)

Summary of Space Requirement for a Building, State Funded

CPDC 2-6 (.doc) / Instr (.doc)

Room Specifications, State Funded

CPDC 2-6.5

Budget Composite Matrix, State Funded

CPDC 2-7

Capital Outlay Estimate, State and Nonstate Funded

CPDC 2-7.5

Summary of Cost Components, State Funded

CPDC 2-8 (.doc)

Energy and Utilities Planning Checklist, State Funded

CPDC 2-8.5 (.doc)

Information Technology Planning Sheet, State Funded

CPDC 2-9

Space Calculation for Library, State Funded

CPDC 2-17 (.doc)

Program Justification for Student Housing, Nonstate Funded

CPDC 2-18 (.doc)

Program Justification for Student Housing Dining Facilities, Nonstate Funded

CPDC 2-19 (.doc)

Program Justification for University Center or Student Union, Nonstate Funded

CPDC 2-20 (.doc)

Program Justification for Health Center, Nonstate Funded

CPDC 2-21 (.doc)

Program Justification for Specifications for Parking Facilities, Nonstate Funded

CPDC 2-22 (.doc)

Program Justification for Specifications for Other Buildings and Facilities, Nonstate Funded

CPDC 2-23 / Instr (.doc)

Group II Equipment List, State Funded

CPDC 2-24 / Instr (.doc)

Group II Equipment Adjustment List - Student Access Computing and Telecom Equipment, State Funded

CPDC 2-31

New Space/Capacity Space Change Request, State Funded

CPDC 3-1

Project Area Summary, State Funded

CPDC 4-1

Custodial Square Footage and Farm Acreage Worksheet

CPDC 4-2 (.doc)

Facility Information Sheet Worksheet

CPDC 4-3

Space and Facilities Database Worksheet

CPDC 4-4 (.doc)

Research Projects in Tax-Exempt Bond Funded Facilities

December 2005 (.doc)

Space Standards Chart

October 2009 (.xls)

Major Capital Projects Transmittal Sheet

October 2009 (.xls)

Capital Renewal Projects Transmittal Sheet


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