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Best Practice Awards

The nomination period is now closed.

To showcase and celebrate the many innovations and accomplishments of our campuses, this year's conference will include an awards competition for best practice in six categories:

1. Best Practices in Construction Delivery
This category is for best practices in construction project delivery demonstrating innovative and improved processes to achieve desirable outcomes. Delivery processes in this category will utilize cutting edge methodologies reflecting creative thought. Describe how your process is new and innovative (specify measureable outcomes), was a process improvement, increased efficiency, and benefited the success of the project.

2. Best Practices in Architecture and Engineering
This category is for best practices in Architecture and Engineering for projects that establish exemplary and outstanding achievement in architecture; a single project that exhibits a high level of integration of architecture and engineering; and projects that demonstrate innovation in engineering.

3. Best Practices in Sustainability
This category is for projects demonstrating best practices in promoting sustainability through facilities operations/maintenance, integration of sustainability into curriculum, building design and construction, and marketing sustainability to the campus community. Projects in this award category must demonstrate reduced negative environmental impact with a positive enhancement to the health and/or socioeconomic equity of the campus community. Emphasis is on projects that integrate academic participation into facilities activities, improve employee participation/results in behavior related activities, or establish a durable benefit.

4. Best Energy Retrofit
This category should demonstrate a campus’ commitment to reducing grid-based energy consumption through system retrofit or replacement; best practices in operation; and cooperation with campus faculty, staff and students. Projects should demonstrate applicability to other campuses throughout the CSU system by virtue of achievable budgets and scopes as well as acknowledgement of resource constraints. Evaluators will be especially interested in projects that are unique in scope, utilize innovative technology or employ existing technology in new and pioneering ways.

5. Best Facility Operations/Physical Plant Innovation
What has your campus Facility Operations done that is innovative, ground breaking, or creatively different to achieve new results? Submit an innovative project, efficiency change, process or policy change, technological change that was implemented, constructed, performed, or enhanced by Facility Operations/Physical Plant that you consider innovative, ground breaking, or new. Innovations can be in any field — grounds, custodial, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, or a process/policy change or use of new technology, etc.

6. Best Student Achievement in the Physical Environment
This area includes Construction/Engineering/Architecture/Planning/Physical Plant/Energy/Interior Design/Sustainability. This award category will highlight projects that are student centered and expose students to real world applications through their interaction with planning, design and construction professionals and campus physical plant staff. Describe how the project is student based and driven; identify the benefit to the campus; the integration of sustainable practices (if any); and how it embodies the application of “learn-by-doing.”

Note: For all six categories, besides the specific criteria stated above, describe if there was any unique technology, distinct features, special planning, techniques, or approaches used to make it award worthy. Please highlight the features of the project that qualify it as a best practice that can be replicated on other campuses. Please be clear, thorough, and concise.

The Best Practice Awards Committee and their subject experts will select the winner in each category. The grand prize winner amongst the six will be selected via a preconference vote—each registered conference attendee having one vote. The grand prize winner will be announced at the conference dinner, Monday, October 20, where a video and awards presentation for all six category winners will be held.