CPDC Architecture & Engineering

Facility Condition Assessment

Proper stewardship of the CSU facilities requires knowledge of the various components in each building to determine what repairs or modifications may be necessary to restore the systems and building to an acceptable condition and to provide for long-range facility renewal planning. A Facilities Condition Assessment will provide this knowledge by inspecting each of the discrete building categories.  This includes an evaluation of several building systems including but not limited to; mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, structural and architectural components, vertical transportation systems ADA compliance and utilities as they relate to each asset in the inspection.

A Facility Condition Assessment Master Enabling Agreement (FCA) has been executed with a pre-qualified firm. Campuses may contract with this firm through the agreement provided below to provide Facility Condition Assessment services. Terms and conditions, including specific fees, have been pre-established in this agreement. To authorize services under this agreement, the campus needs only to execute a Service Order and Authorization to Proceed (SOA) (Exhibit B). Base agreement has been provided for reference only. The actual executed agreement is on file at the Office of the Chancellor.

Facility Condition Assessment Agreement

Firm Contact

Service Order
Authorization (Exhibit B)

Base Agreement

Mr. Edward Gee
ISES Corporation
2165 W. Park Court, Suite N
Stone Mountain, GA 30087
(770) 879-7376