CPDC Architecture & Engineering

DSA Access Review

Although each campus needs to coordinate its overall project review process, the DSA review process itself will work best if the architect-of-record for the project makes the submittal to DSA and identifies themselves as the point of contact.

DSA submittals are made to one of four regional DSA offices based on the geographic location of the project. Each office will accept submittals in print form or electronically. The initial DSA submittal package should include the following: Application (DSA-1 form), DSA access review fee (must be by check and must be included with the initial submittal), and the documents for review.

Initial DSA reviews for a major capital project can easily take 4 to 6 weeks or more. Plan accordingly. Incomplete submittals will delay DSA review and approval.

Back-check resolution can be expedited by scheduling an appointment with the regional DSA office for an over-the-counter back-check review. Back check comments can also be resubmitted in print form or electronically.

DSA is migrating towards electronic submittals and doing so should help to reduce their review durations. Before considering an electronic submittal, carefully review the DSA website to ensure compliance with their directions on electronic signatures and electronic submittal requirements.