CSU California Academic Partnership Program

Table of Contents


Professional Development

  • September Institutes
  • Curriculum Training
  • Staff Development (Curriculum)
  • Staff Development anstruction and Assessment)
  • Other
  • What We've Learned About Staff Development
The On-site Consultants

Support for Students and Parents
  • Students
  • Parents and Community
  • Role of Partners

    Results and Discussion
  • Enrollment in High School Mathematics
  • Enrollment in College Preparatory Courses
  • Achievement Data
  • Following the Target Group
  • Summary of Results
  • Ten Lessons Learned
  • Appendix A: Successful Completion of Algebra 1 by End of 9th Grade
    Appendix B: Successful Completion of Geometry by End of 9th Grade

    Tables and Figures

    Figure 1 - Culver City Unified School District CAPP Plan 1993-1996
    Figure 2 - Culver City CAPP Staff Development
    Figure 3 - Stages of Concern About An Innovation
    Figure 4 - Mathematics Enrollment (High School)
    Figure 5 - College Prep Math Enrollment (High School)
    Figure 6 - Honors/ Advanced Courses Enrollment (High School)
    Figure 7 - College Prep Courses Pass Rates (High School)
    Figure 8 - Algebra - "The Gatekeeper" (High School)
    Figure 9 - Golden State Exam Awards (Middle and High School)
    Figure 10 - Comparing Completion Rates of 9th Graders by Ethnicity and Gender

    Table 1 - PSAT Mathematics Results
    Table 2 - Successful Completion of Algebra 1 by the End of 9th Grade
    Table 3 - Successful Completion of Geometry by the End of 9th Grade

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