CSU California Academic Partnership Program

Instructional Leadership Initiative

A Partnership Between the Western Assessment Collaborative (WAC) and the California Academic Partnership Program (CAPP)

The goal of the Instructional Leadership Initiative is to develop the capacity for standards-based instruction within 12 high schools participating in the California Academic Partnership Program (CAPP). The Western Assessment Collaborative (WAC) assists each school in designing and implementing standards-based instructional units that include the development of common assessments and performance standards.

WAC plans and conducts a series of workshops, held in both northern and southern California, for department teams from each participating school. The sessions are designed to build the skills of high school department heads and curriculum leaders to:

  • Provide leadership to the collaborative development of standards-based units of instruction in language arts and mathematics tied to California state standards
  • Facilitate their faculties to develop common assessments and to establish agreed-upon performance standards for those units
  • Facilitate their faculties in using the data from student work to plan collective action designed to assure that all students achieve to the performance standard or higher
  • Provide leadership to implement standards-based practice department wide

At the conclusion of the project, WAC and CAPP will jointly publish a collection of standards-based instructional units in mathematics and English language arts.

If you have further questions regarding the use of these units or materials, please contact: Julie Torres at WestEd at 415-615-3111 or Jtorres@wested.org.


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Last Updated: June 17, 2016