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CAPP, the California Academic Partnership Program, builds academic partnerships throughout the state. Administered by the California State University, CAPP funds partnerships between schools, colleges and universities, and businesses aimed at helping middle school and high school students improve their academic preparation for success in higher education and the workplace. Since its founding in 1984, CAPP has provided more that $20 million in direct support of collaborative projects to improve student learning, from Calexico on the U.S./Mexico border, to Hoopa Valley near the border with Oregon, and in all major urban areas.

CAPP partnerships draw on the theoretical and research-based knowledge of the university and the practical knowledge of the workplace. Partnerships team school districts, post-secondary institutions and corporations in the quest for better-educated, more highly skilled students.

Project business partners show the connection between classroom assignment and workplace tasks so that students can see the direct applications of learning to work.

Business partners also serve as role models to the students and as practical sounding boards for teachers and administrators. In addition to helping students, the partnerships supported by CAPP build community between those in education and business. Professional and personal friendships form around the common goal of helping students increase their knowledge and strengthen their understanding.

Educators and employers alike know that success in the personal lives of students and success in their prospective work-life is largely dependent upon their ability to acquire and fully implement useful language, whether in the form of numbers, conceptual-mathematical models, or in spoken and written language.

Our Current CAPP projects are listed and detailed on this site along with descriptions of past projects:

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