CSU California Academic Partnership Program

Lower Lake High School

Konocti Unified School District
Lake County
2001 API Base Report

Project Name
Student Academic Support Collaborative

Project Partners
Oak Hill Middle School
East Lake Elementary
Sonoma State University
Clearlake Community College


The proposed project involves a collaborative partnership between the Lake County Office of Education, Lower Lake High School, East Lake Elementary, Oak Hill Middle School, Clear Lake Community College and Sonoma State University. The goal of this project is to achieve the 3 goals of the RFP and to commit to behalf of the partners to create a K-18 standards-based, seamless educational system with school accountability to parents and students. The resources of the grant will be focused on providing a powerful standards-based professional development program that will result in English language arts and mathematics curriculum and instructional practice 6-10th grade aligned to the HSEE standards; enhanced student supports services including expanded career guidance, tutorial programs, and college preparation & outreach strategies; a prescribed skills remediation programs and a strong parent/community component with links to School-to-Career programs, publicity/awareness campaigns via newsletters/media and technology resources.

Although compenents of this project can function independently, strength is created when each is woven together creating the larger whole. The Student Academic Support Collaborative (SASC) will be formed to provide input and support for the project. All work on this project will reflect recommendations made by the SASC and will be based on continuous data collection of student achievement. The SASC, made up of cross sector teams of K-18 teachers, school administrators, parents, students, and community members, will look at what data is presently available at the partnering institutions and will continue to analyze data on student achievement, and attainment of RFP goals and objectives. The SASC will also facilitate long-term goals for improving student outcomes in the specific areas related to the goals set forth by the RFP with the intent that when the funding ends, the program and infrastructure will be self-sustaining.

CAHSEE Report and Evaluation:
Lower Lake High School (.pdf, 244K)

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