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Instructional Units

The standards-based instructional units posted on this website are a result of the work of California high school teachers who participated in this project from January 2001 to June 2003. Teachers participated in the following categories:

  1. English Instructional Units
  2. Mathematics Instructional Units: Algebra
  3. Mathematics Instructional Units: Geometry

Thirteen of the instructional units that were designed to be used in high school mathematics and English courses were selected to be annotated and posted on the CAPP website. The first page of the unit includes the annotation that describes the overall strengths and concerns of the unit. Columns on the right side of each page of the instructional unit contains comments that describe concerns or identify items that should be reviewed and possibly revised before using the unit with students and teachers.

The instructional units include:

  1. Background with Teacher to Teacher Notes
  2. Content Standards Addressed
    1. Content Standards
    2. Knowledge and Skills Students Need To Know and Be Able To Do To Meet the Standards
    3. Enabling Prerequisite Skills
  3. The Assessment (REVISED)
  4. Criteria for Success: Characteristics of a High Quality Response to the Assessment
  5. Opportunities to Learn and Perform
  6. Core Lessons are not included here
  7. The Performance Standard and Scoring Guide
  8. Samples of Student Work with Commentary based on the Original Assessment
  9. Student Forms
  10. Teacher Forms

It is our intention that teachers use the sections of the Facilitator's Guide that match your particular outcomes or goals and that teachers also review, revise as necessary, and use the standards-based instructional units that meet your needs.

If you have further questions regarding the use of these units or materials, please contact: Julie Torres at WestEd at 415-615-3111 or Jtorres@wested.org.


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