CSU California Academic Partnership Program

Hoopa HS Hoopa High School

Klamath-Trinity Unified School District
Humboldt County
2001 API Base Report

Project Name
Klamath-Trinity/HSU Partnership for Academic Success

Project Partners
Hoopa Valley Elementary School
Humboldt State University


This project represent the joint efforts of the Klamath-Trinity Joint Unified School District and the Center for Educational Renewal housed with the Department of Education at Humboldt State University. The need for CAPP support is compelling, especially given the remote location, dire economic circumstances, low academic performance, and substantial Native American population of the district.

Per the proposal guidelines, two major focus areas entail standards-based curriculum, instruction and assessment alignment and related professional development activities. A third critical focus area is to build parent and community involvement through establishment of a California Academic Partnership School Site and Community Team (CAPSSCT) which will assume responsibility to coordinate communication between feeder schools, students, parents, community members, and school staff regarding High School Exit Exam (HSEE) issues.

Project Co-PD's, one from Hoopa Valley High School and the other from the Center for Educational Renewal at Humboldt State University, will jointly coordinate efforts that impact all three project focus areas. The Co-PD's will also work with CAPSSDT, and Administrative Steering Committee, and Lead Teacher Advocates to ensure that project goals, objective, activities, and related measurements are implemented.

CAHSEE Report and Evaluation:
Hoopa High School (.pdf, 251K)

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