CSU California Academic Partnership Program

West High School

Kern Union High
Kern County
2001 API Base Report

Project Name
West High School

Project Partners
Actis Junior High
Curran Junior High
Thompson Junior High
CSU, Bakersfield
Bakersfield Community College

Vision Statement

West High School formed an English/Math Partnership Task Force, comprised of representatives from California State University at Bakersfield, Bakersfield Community College, Kern/Tulare Prep Consortium, O.J Actis, Curran, and Thompson Junior High Schools. The Task Force proposes to meet the mission of CAPP, "cooperative efforts to improve the academic quality of public secondary schools with the objective of improving the preparation of all students for college," by implementing a Standards-Based Accountability Program that provides equity and excellence for every student. This program will:

  1. implement State adopted English/math standards
  2. implement an accountability system to measure student performance annually and determine whether students are achieving content and performance standards
  3. establish teacher-training opportunities to learn subject matter at the levels of depth and complexity reflected in the standards
  4. establish assessment procedures for pre-high school students (or students new to the district? In order to assist with the placement into high school English and mathematics courses

In addition the following goals have been set for the West High School Partnership Task Force:

  1. Identify competencies in English and Math
  2. Placement for Success
  3. Staff development
  4. Re-thinking curriculum
  5. Student support system
  6. Assessment

To ensure that our goals are met we have the following activities planned:

Activity 1: Identify Competencies in English/math
The CAPP Task Force conducted several meetings to collaborate on placement procedures for incoming 9th graders to West High School. It was agreed upon, that 8th grade English/math instructors would institute the High School Battery, and that they would provide a recommendation for each incoming student.

Activity 2: Placement for Success
Portfolios were developed in March 1999 for each incoming 9th grader that contains the Educational Growth Plan, recommended courses, and measurement data. These portfolios will be used at registration (May 1999) and will become part of the student's cumulative file.

Activity 3: Staff Development
The CAPP Task Force developed a training guide for 1999/2000 that will develop and implement categorical funded training programs, train teachers in literacy program, summer workshop for CAPP participants.

Activity 4: Re-thinking Curriculum
During the spring semester of 1999 and continuing throughout the summer of 1999, CAPP Task Force members are evaluating newly adopted State standards in English and math and correlating those standards with instructional approaches and with assessment tools.

Activity 5: Student Support System
To assist students with course content understanding and in completing homework, the Task Force has developed after-school English/math labs. Teachers from the English/math departments and students from the Cal State KEMP program offer individualized assistance for students.

Activity 6: Assessment
Students will be given a series of test including the High School Battery for incoming students, the Gates-MacGinitie Reading test, MDTP, Golden State Exam, STAR, and self-studies.

Current Highlights include:

  1. A strong use of data by the administration with parents and staff to support the implementation of standards.
  2. Teachers have developed units to revisit and reinforce math concepts from one subject to the next.
  3. An after school math lab is meeting three times a week.
  4. The English teachers attended a summer workshop to align their 9th and 10th grade curriculum with the California Standards.
  5. The English department has adopted the Jane Schaffer skill based writing project for all classes 9-12.

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