CSU California Academic Partnership Program

Riverbank High School

Riverbank Unified
Stanislaus County
2001 API Base Report

Project Name
Education Business Partnership of Stanislaus County: The Riverbank Model

Project Partners
Cordozo Middle School
Waterford Elementary School
CSU, Stanislaus
Modesto Junior College
Stanislaus Partners in Education

Vision Statement

The over all goal of the Riverbank Model is to raise the level of academic achievement of all students at Riverbank High School while increasing the percentage of graduates who successfully matriculate and persist in post-secondary education at 2-year community colleges and 4-year universities. Our specific five year outcome objectives are to measure significant improvement in:

  1. SAT/ACT scores
  2. The number of seniors completing CSU/UC course requirements
  3. The number of seniors enrolling in community colleges or four-year colleges
  4. The number of RHS graduates successfully passing CSU and MJC math and English proficiency placement tests
  5. The number of RHS graduates successfully completing their first year of college and enrolling for the second year.

In order to reach these objectives, the partners will adopt the California Academic Content Standards in mathematics and English, adopt student performance standards, assess student performance, and align and integrate curriculum from grades k-12 with the standards and with college and university entrance expectations.

The following are planned activities that will help us meet our objectives:

  1. Riverbank Unified School District will adopt the CAS
  2. All mathematics and English faculty who teach grades 6-9 in the three partner schools will participate in a one-week summer workshop
  3. Coordinate faculty linkage with the CSU online tutoring program ( currently under development)
  4. Provide additional; opportunities for students in grades 6-12 and their parents to explore career paths and to become familiar with the local college campuses, as well as entrance requirements and financial aid opportunities
  5. In the third quarter, all eighth graders at Waterford and Cardozo Middle schools will visit RHS and attend one day of classes according to their interest in career/educational pathways.
  6. To develop a bridge program for all RHS graduates entering a local college, to ensure that students have a "helping hand" when they run into difficulties on campus. This will be developed in year one.
  7. Explore in year two the feasibility of providing a "Homework Channel" where students could call or fax in questions to teachers through the local cable TV station. If feasible, the program will be piloted in year three with a mathematics focus.

Current Highlights include:

  1. Many lessons learned on how a project deals with a large turnover of key personnel.
  2. The project has a strong business link through the Stanislaus Partnership in Education.
  3. The partnership with California State University, Stanislaus is very supportive.

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