CSU California Academic Partnership Program

Program of America and California Explorations (PACE)
Kennedy High School

The Program of America and California Explorations (PACE) is an intensive, four-year honors program at Kennedy High School in Sacramento. Beginning with new freshmen in the summer of 2002 (i.e., the class of 2006), the program was designed to target high school students who in many cases were at risk to not attend a four-year college after high school. Each year, a new cohort of about 125 freshmen has been added so that by the 2005-2006 year approximately 500 students were enrolled across grades 9-12.

The California Academic Partnership Program (CAPP) provided startup support for PACE from 2001 through 2006. CAPP's commitment was to provide startup funding for five years until the program became established and was fully adopted by the high school and district. CAPP originally provided a grant of $23,500 for curriculum development in 2001-02. In 2002-03, the first year of operation, the program served 150 entering freshmen and CAPP contributed a grant of $100,000. In the second year of operation CAPP provided $100,000 to be used to continue support to the initial cohort of students and to add a second cohort of 150 freshmen. By 2006, the program was serving 150 students at each grade level 9 through 12. CAPP's grants over the five year period totaled $448,000.

The program emphasizes rich academic content, real-world relevance, high standards, and personal attention by PACE faculty. It includes close communication between students and teachers, parental involvement, and field trips. Students gain not only in-depth knowledge but also critical skills that will prepare them to be successful in both the academic world and their adult lives. At the end of the sophomore year, students are expected to be ready for Advanced Placement coursework in order to position themselves as competitive candidates for top-tier universities.

The following documents provide evaluation and descriptive information for PACE:

  1. PACE booklet (scanned) (.pdf,260k)
  2. Final Evaluation Report Spring 2007 (.doc, 272k)
  3. Class of 2006 Graduate Survey (.doc, 88k)
  4. PACE Senior Questionnaire 2006 (.doc, 302k)
  5. Kennedy High School 3rd Year Evaluation Report Addendum: Student Observations (.pdf, 364k)


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