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Module III: Building Capacity for Standards-based Instruction

Module Outcome

This section presents research on classroom practice associated with helping all students achieve to high standards. The intent is that through reading and discussing research articles teachers will reflect on their own practice, consider the research findings and incorporate new research-based practices into the design of their instructional units.

Content Overview

  1. Read and discuss research articles


  • Handout #19 - Article: CRESST Line, Pamela R. Ashbacher, "Developing Indicators of Classroom Practice to Monitor and Support School Reform," Winter 2000.
  • Handout #20 - Article: Education Week, Research Notes, "Chicago Study: Student Rise to Challenging Assignments," Vol. 19, Number 10, page 10, 1999.
  • Handout #21: Building Capacity for Standards-based Instruction
  • Overhead #16: Classroom practices from Aschbacher article
  • Overhead #17: Findings from Aschbacher article
  • Overhead #18: Classroom Practices & Findings from Chicago Study


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  • Module 3
    ( 3.5MB or 894KB) Building Capacity for Standards-based Instruction

It is our intention that teachers use the sections of the Facilitator's Guide that match your particular outcomes or goals and that teachers also review, revise as necessary, and use the standards-based instructional units that meet your needs.

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