CSU California Academic Partnership Program

Magnolia High School

Anaheim Union High
Orange County
2001 API Base Report

Project Name
Target Cypress Plus.

Project Partners
Dale Junior High
CSU Fullerton
Cypress College
West Anaheim Medical Center

Vision Statement

Magnolia High School, in partnership with Dale Junior High School, Cypress College, California State University, Fullerton, and West Anaheim Medical, proposes to better prepare its graduates to enter the workforce and begin college level work by improving the academic preparation of seventh through twelfth grade students. This goal will be accomplished through Target Cypress Plus, which will be coordinated by an Executive Board that includes administrators, teachers, and counselors from the two schools and representatives from Cypress College, California State University, Fullerton, and West Anaheim Medical. To accomplish this the following goals and objectives have been set:

  1. to increase mathematics and English/Language Arts teachers´┐Ż pedagogical skills and content knowledge
  2. to revise mathematics and English/Language Arts courses to focus and streamline the curriculum to meet recommended standards
  3. to institute school-wide support activities for students and parents to increase understanding of and access to college resources
  4. to increase enrollment in college-required courses
  5. to increase accountability of student achievement

The following activities have been planned to accomplish these goals:

  1. 7-12 grade English teacher will participate in a 30-hour training in the UCI Writing Project
  2. AUHSD Writing Proficiency Examination Scoring Guide training will be conducted for all 7-12 grade English teachers
  3. 7-12 grade English will receive extensive experience in norming writing samples and will have the opportunity to share experiences ( ongoing staff development)
  4. 7-12 grade math teachers will attend 25 hours of training in improving student achievement in mathematics at CSU, Fullerton
  5. 7-12 grade students will compose quarterly writings that will be scored with the WPE rubric
  6. a "Math in Your Life" Career Fair will be conducted on an annual basis at Dale Junior High
  7. Counselors will meet quarterly to discuss mathematics and English requirements and explore ways to promote enrollment in college-required courses
  8. Quarterly, timed writings will allow students to measure their own progress through their six years at Dale and Magnolia
  9. Annual math placement examinations will track student progress and insure appropriate placement
  10. Student portfolios will include writing samples, mathematics placement examinations, and other materials collected over the course of the year; these portfolios will follow the student to the next grade level

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CAPP Office
(562) 951-4780
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