CSU California Academic Partnership Program

Lakewood High School

Long Beach Unified
Los Angeles County
2001 API Base Report

Project Name
Lakewood-Long Beach CAPP Project

Project Partners
Long Beach Unified School District
CSU, Long Beach
Long Beach City College

Vision Statement

The partnership between Long Beach Unified School District (LBUSD), California State University, Long Beach (CSULB), and Long Beach City College (LBCC), has received national attention for the systematic nature of its work on behalf of students in Long Beach. LBUSD, in consultation with its partners, has developed curriculum standards for all major subject areas and established benchmarks and multiple assessments. The University has collaborated on standards, provided professional development for teachers and developed student support services that target college readiness. Both the principals and the components of the "CAPP Model" are reflected in the collaborative work between the partners. Strong academic standards are in place, as are multiple means for measuring academic progress. LBUSD's success in educational reform is due in large part to the clear focus on academic achievement of all students, and the "top-down, bottom-up: nature of the reform efforts. Our efforts in this project will focus primarily upon ways to supports the implementation of standards with parental involvement, academic counseling, and student support services. The following goals and objectives have been set:

  1. to increase the number of students meeting the requirements for entry into CSULB with no remediation
  2. to identify in middle school, students with college potential who are at risk of not becoming prepared for college
  3. to provide orientation to high school, awareness of college, and support services to identified students and their parents.
  4. To increase parental awareness of college entrance requirements and financial aid
  5. To prepare identified students to enter the college-preparatory Lakewood Pacesetter program by their Junior year
  6. To prepare identified students to pass the 11th grade writing and end-of-course examinations in mathematics and writing proficiency
  7. To prepare identified students for success on the SAT and AP exams

The following activities have been planned in order to meet these objectives:

  1. Participants and Recruitment. In Spring, 1999 Even before CAPP funds are available the Lakewood High School counselor will visit the feeder middle schools and recruit students who are in our target group: 8th graders who are "at risk" with GPA scores between 2.0-2.9. Middle school counselors will assist in recruitment. A brochure will be developed to describe the "Lakewood High School CAPP Program."
  2. Summer Math and Language Arts Classes. In the summer, math and language arts classes will be offered with CAPP funds to incoming 9th graders to strengthen their basic skills in these key areas. Lakewood High School teachers will offer these classes. CSULB college students serving as classroom tutors and role models will support these classes.
  3. High School Orientation. In August, prior to starting the 9th grade, a three-day orientation will be offered to students and their parents focused on study skills. Students will receive organizers, training in time-management and study skills, an orientation to high school requirements. Parents will receive the same information on how to support the achievement of their children.
  4. College Nights. A "College Night" will offer college admissions and financial aid information to students and parents, and will occur in the fall of each year
  5. Parental Information and Involvement. Parents will be involved from the point of recruitment.
  6. Student Support. College student tutors will work in English and Math classrooms and on a before and after- school basis to deliver individual tutoring to high school students.
  7. Field trips to the University. Students and their parents will be invited to participate in field trips to CSULB. Trips will include a tour of the university and workshops in admissions and financial aid.

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