CSU California Academic Partnership Program

Project Name
Jefferson High- San Francisco State University/CAPP

Project Partners
Benjamin Franklin Middle School
Fernando Rivera Middle School
Thomas R. Pollicita Middle School
San Francisco State University
Daly City Department of Parks and Recreation

Vision Statement

Jefferson's most important educational goal is improving student reading, writing, and math skills. To meet this goal, standards-based curriculum and instruction will be fully introduced into the JHS freshman course offerings in English and math. Because we realize that to successfully move to standards-based instruction requires an approach that involves faculty throughout JHS as well as students in classes other than English and mathematics, we have made it a priority to change key freshman courses toward the Standards-Based Education (SBE) approach along with English and mathematics. JHS's main challenges include the following:

  1. increase knowledge, commitment, expertise and leadership on the part of the teaching community
  2. embed curriculum and performance standards more deeply into the curriculum
  3. develop a comprehensive Student Support Program and establish and maintain partnerships, including �parents as partners.�
  4. Develop a comprehensive assessment and accountability system
  5. Establish a sound infrastructure

To meet these goals the following activities have been included in the project:

  1. JHS/SFSU CAPP Director will plan and facilitate orientation and training sessions for the following faculty and staff groups on summer curriculum development projects: 4 freshman literacy class instructors; 5 freshman science instructors; 9 Foundations for Achievement class instructors; SFSU STC Coordinator; Staff of the Collegiate and Parent Information Center; Staff of the Tutoring Support and Peer Mentoring Program; (summer'99)
  2. Representative math and English instructors from feeder middle schools, JHS, and SFSU will meet once each semester to share curriculum and instructional methodologies, and continue to work on aligning assessments
  3. Specific number of standards-based lesson plans and assessments will be developed for use in the following freshman classes: 8 for literacy; 10 for Science; 13FFA
  4. Teaching portfolios will be initiated by instructors in freshman literacy, science, two-year algebra, and FFA classes
  5. JHS & SFSU staff and community partners will plan and implement a comprehensive, cohesive and coordinated JHS Tutoring and Mentoring Program. Expanding the After school Homework Assistance Program will receive special emphasis.
  6. Hire consultants to orient and train literacy, English, math, science, and FFA teachers regarding specific aspects of infusing SBE into the curriculum. JHS will seek to continuously build in-house expertise such that teachers can train teachers following the initial presentations by consultants

Current Highlights include:

  1. A strong emphasis is being made on the freshman class. All freshman are taking Algebra and a literacy class in addition to their regular English.
  2. All freshman are taking a one semester course called Foundation which is modeled after AVID.
  3. A strong tutoring program using parents, staff, college students and peers is in place. SAT preparation classes are also available.

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CAPP Office
(562) 951-4780
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Last Updated: June 10, 2016