CSU California Academic Partnership Program

Hoover High School

Glendale Unified
Los Angeles County
2001 API Base Report

Project Name
Blueprint for Success

Project Partners
Roosevelt Middle School
Toll Middle School
University of California, Los Angeles
Glendale Community College
Glendale Chamber of Commerce
Pasadena City College

Project Director
Vik Hovesepian
Math Department Chair
Hoover High School
651 Glenwood Road
Glendale, CA 91202
Tel: (808) 242-6801

Contact Person
RaeEtta Emmett
English Department Chair
Hoover High School
651 Glenwood Road
Glendale, CA 91202
Tel: (818) 242-6801
Fax (818) 247-8825

Vision Statement

The major goal set for the Blue Print for Success by Hoover High School and its partners is the reform and refocus of schools’ programs and practices. These programs and practices are based on the State Content Standards mathematics and English so that by the end of five years the gap that now exists (over 60% of the incoming freshmen are not algebra-ready and/or reading below grade level) will be significantly decreased or eliminated. This will result in the vast majority of students taking Algebra or Geometry by the 9th grade and all students grades 6th- 12th able to successfully demonstrate:

  1. students will improve their academic achievement
  2. students will be able to meet the state standards at grade level in language arts and mathematics
  3. ALL teachers will receive training in a variety of professional development techniques to enable them to improve student achievement and access to college
  4. ALL parents and community personnel will receive information and training in ways to help their children success in school and access the courses leading to four year colleges

Components of the project include:

Student Support

  1. student support, as part of their Guidance class, all 9th graders will develop a 4-year academic plan leading to meaningful post-secondary education. These students will work with their Guidance teacher and the Career and College Counselors to complete their plan that will be places on disk, updated yearly and housed in the College/Career Center
  2. all 9th grade students will be trained in AVID techniques so as to develop study and test taking skills and effective learning strategies. Every effort will be made to make instruction personal, supportive and inclusive
  3. PSAT enrichment classes will be provided for all students , grades 7-9 by the third year of the project
  4. Teacher professional development
  5. SAT preparation program for 100 11-12th grade students

Teacher Professional Development

  1. standards training including curriculum alignment and assessment development will be conducted for all 8th, 9th and 10th grade teachers
  2. training in skills to help students improve their functional, textual and reading for pleasure abilities for reading teachers
  3. training in AVID methodologies for all high school guidance and 8th grade teachers
  4. integration of curriculum and technology for Language Arts and Math teachers
  5. UCLA Writing Project seminar and support for English and Math


  1. development of a parent center at Hoover High School with career, financial aid, school activity calendars, lists of resources available at school such as tutoring, involvement as a high school students’ parents, scholarships, and other pertinent information
  2. orientation, newsletter, and special programs for all parents of students grades 6-12 about the requirements of the Blueprint for Success program

Governance Team

  1. governance team with partners will meet quarterly to review progress and process and examine student data
  2. an outside evaluator/consultant will be hired to assist with program management, formative and summative evaluation

Content Contact:
CAPP Office
(562) 951-4780
Technical Contact:

Last Updated: February 16, 2005