California Academic Partnership Program


CAPP Advisory Committee
Meeting Notice and Agenda
May 15, 2017

The California Academic Partnership Program (CAPP) was established by the State Legislature in 1984. CAPP's purpose is to develop cooperative efforts to improve the academic quality of public secondary schools in order to improve the preparation for college for all students. The statute provides that CAPP focus efforts in schools with low student participation in institutions of postsecondary education or with a concentration of students from groups which are underrepresented in postsecondary education. Projects are distributed throughout the state in order to provide schools located in rural, urban and suburban areas access. CAPP is administered by the California State University, in cooperation with the University of California, the California Community Colleges, and the State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Equity and access are central to CAPP's work. We evaluate our projects in order to share models, practices and strategies with the education and policy making communities. CAPP's projects include:

  • Improving instruction of expository reading and writing with emphasis on collaborative work of teachers to improve instructional practice; giving teachers a head start on Common Core State Standards implementation.
  • Helping high school principals to examine and implement best practices that address educational equity and result in optimal student learning.
  • Building teacher and administrator capacity to understand and use formative assessment processes to improve student preparation for and performance in Algebra 1, aligning this work to Common Core State Standards.

CAPP also supports the statewide intersegmental Mathematics Diagnostic Testing Project (MDTP), which develops and provides diagnostic tests and scoring to enable middle and high school teachers to assess individual students' strengths and weaknesses in specific math skills. CAPP initiated and continues to support the Alliance of Regional Collaboration to Heighten Educational Success (ARCHES), which was established to help improve public education and close the achievement gap through regional Pre-K through University collaborative efforts.

CAPP is administered by the California State University, in cooperation with:

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