Eligibility —
Catastrophic Leave

Any employee that accrues sick leave and/or vacation credits is eligible to either receive catastrophic leave donations, or make donations toward to the program. As a result, employees in classifications that do not accrue sick and/or vacation leave credits, are ineligible to participate in the Catastrophic Leave Donation Program.

The minimum donation for Catastrophic Leave is one (1) hour. Currently, the following employee categories are eligible to donate a maximum of Catastrophic Leave Donation hours as specified in the chart below:

Catastrophic Leave Maximum Donation Limits
Employee Category
Maximum Donation Hours
Physicians (R01),
Academic Student Employees (R11 - TAs Only)

CSUEU (R02, RO5, R07, R09),
Faculty (R03),
Academic Support (R04),
Skilled Crafts (R06),
Public Safety (R08),
CMA Operating Engineers (R10),
SFSU Head Start Employees (R12),
CSULA English Program Instructors (CSUEU) (R13),
Confidential (C99),
Excluded (E99)
Management Personnel Plan (MPP) (M80),
Executives (M98)

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Last Updated: March 30, 2011

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