Eligibility — FlexCash and Tax Advantage Premium Plan (TAPP)

FlexCash Plan

Employees (including those appointed as AB 211) are eligible for the FlexCash Plan if they:

  • Meet the eligibility requirements for the CSU medical and dental benefits,

  • Are an active nonrepresented employee or an active represented employee in a bargaining unit for which FlexCash participation has been negotiated, and

  • Have other, non-CSU medical and/or dental coverage through an individual policy, private group coverage, or coverage related to employment outside the CSU system.

An employee is not eligible to participate in FlexCash if covered as the dependent of another CSU employee.

Tax Advantage Premium Plan (TAPP)

Active CSU employees are eligible to participate in the Tax Advantage Premium Plan if enrolled in a CalPERS health plan.

Please refer to the FlexCash Plan and Tax Advantage Premium Plan Brochure for complete details.


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Last Updated: July 23, 2003

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