Fee Revenue Management Program

Overview and Background Information

The CSU has proposed to eliminate Fund 498 from the Budget Act and amend the Education Code to allow for the deposit of fees into local trust accounts. The Education Code (Section 89721) would be amended to include the following language: "(l) moneys collected as higher education fees and income from students in any state university and from other persons pursuant to Section 89700 of the Education Code".

This proposal creates the possibility of significant improvements in operating efficiencies throughout the CSU. If implemented, these efficiencies will facilitate timely fiscal year-end closing and GAAP reporting. By eliminating the use of Fund 498 and providing the authority to deposit fees in trust, the CSU has a unique opportunity and obligation to re-engineer critical financial operations. In addition, the CSU will have a responsibility to manage the cash flows from fee collections to support campus operations and to optimize investment earnings.

The implementation of the CSU Revenue Management Program (RMP) provides an opportunity for CSU to re-visit a significant portion of its current business processes and re-engineer them to achieve more efficient results. This will require establishing systemwide standards which will enable campuses to share training, business process guides and other documentation, and application solutions.

RMP Action Items & Implementation Documentation

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