Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI)

First year ATI web accessibility project workflow guide

  1. Campuses select a list of between 15 and 100 pages as a representative cross-section of their administrative web presence. Examples could be the University home page; college, department, or division pages; disabled student services or equivalent functions; library; and campus portal. At least a few examples of pages with data tables, forms, or active content (Flash, for example) should be included.
  2. Please send an information copy of the campus cross-section list to ATI (email,; keep going with the rest of this.
  3. Run HiSoftware AccMonitor on all pages in the cross-section, using the basic checkpoints and advanced rule settings developed in the Web Community of Practice (WebCoP). Produce reports in the “Section 508” format.
  4. Based on the HiSoftware reports and your evaluation of the importance of each page, select approximately 15-20 of the cross-section pages as a “repair sample” to manually evaluate and remediate. This sample should include both pages that have “passed” and pages that have “failed” the automated testing. (Note: the full cross-section list will be used again in step 7 below.)
  5. Use the manual evaluation procedure in parallel with your review of the AccVerify report, your use of the “Interview Wizard” to update that report, and (if applicable) your use of the AccRepair tool.
  6. Based on both the automated report and the manual evaluation, fix each page of the repair sample completely. Where complete remediation is not possible at this time, document how and when it is to be accomplished or how equivalent, timely content is to be made available to those groups who need it.
  7. Use your experience with the repair sample to estimate the difficulty, time, and cost of completely fixing the entire cross-section. This, along with the repair sample documentation, will form the First Year Web Report (May 15) specified in Coded Memorandum AA-2007-4. See the report format document for details.
  8. Extend your analysis of the cross-section to estimate the difficulty, time, and cost of completely fixing the entire campus administrative web presence. This, with additional planning information, will be part of the Web Accessibility Implementation Plan (June 15) specified in the Coded Memorandum.