Academic Council

Academic Council

Campus provosts and vice presidents for academic affairs comprise the core membership of the CSU Academic Council. The Council is chaired by the Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs, Dr. Loren J. Blanchard. Joining provosts on the Council are senior staff from the Chancellor's Office Division of Academic and Student Affairs, and the California State University chair of the Academic Senate. Vice Chancellor of Human Resources, Lori Lamb joins the Council, and provides updates and perspectives on human relations issues. She also reviews current collective bargaining topics relevant to academic and student affairs throughout the CSU.

The Academic Council discusses current and upcoming issues pertaining to the academic mission of the 23-campus university system. Members offer input to policies in advance of final adoption by the Chancellor and Board of Trustees, and provide advice as to best approaches and practices for the implementation of systemwide academic initiatives. Members also review campus practices and consult with each other as to recommended approaches to academic issues.

Meeting Schedule
  • Sept 29 - 30
    Retreat/Joint meeting with Student Affairs Council (Chancellor's Office)
  • January 12 - 13 (SAC)
  • March 22 - 23 (LA)
  • June 7 - 8
    Retreat/Joint meeting with Student Affairs Council (Sonoma)

The Academic Technology Steering Committee (ATSC) grapples with issues pertaining to technology from an academic management perspective for the purpose of enhancing learning and for managing technology requirements within campus academic affairs divisions.

Meeting Agenda/Handouts
(for Provosts only)

Provosts Contact List (Word, Excel)