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Housing Stability and Food Security for Students in the CSU

At the CSU, we are committed to the success of all of our students. This includes tackling barriers to student success both inside—and outside—the classroom.

Research shows that students who have regular access to healthy food and stable housing are more successful than those who do not. In 2016, the CSU became the first public university system in the nation to conduct extensive research on student food and housing security to determine how many CSU students are struggling, and how best to help.

The findings made it clear that food and housing insecurity is a pervasive issue impacting CSU students. So we are taking action to address these issues among our students, enabling them to reach their full academic potential and earn a degree in a timely manner. Here, you can learn more about our CSU Basic Needs Initiative and our various campus programs and services.

Below is a list of campus resources for students who struggle with food security.

On-Campus Resources
Bakersfield - Food Pantry
Chico - Hungry Wildcat Food Pantry
Channel Islands - Dolphin Pantry
Dominguez Hills - Food Bank
Fresno - Fresno State Cupboard
Humboldt - Oh Snap! Food Pantry
Long Beach - University Interfaith Center,
Long Beach - ASI Beach Pantry
Monterey Bay – AS Food Pantry
Northridge – CSUN Food Pantry
Sacramento - ASI Food Pantry
San Bernardino - The Den: CSUSB Food Pantry
San José - SJSU Food Shelf
San Luis Obispo - Cal Poly Food Pantry

Alternate Food Options
Chico - CalFresh Enrollment
Humboldt - Oh Snap! Food Programs
Fresno - Food Security Project
Long Beach - Meals Assistance Program (Feed A Need)
San Diego - Economic Crisis Response Team
San Luis Obispo - Hunger Program

Housing Resources
Long Beach - Short Term Housing Assistance
San Diego - Economic Crisis Response Team

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Workshops & Presentations
  • CSU Basic Needs Video Conference Feb. 27, 2017 Overview of CSUF's housing/food security program (ppt) (video)
  • CSU Basic Needs Video Conference SNAP & College Student Rules - December 8, 2016 (ppt) (video)
    EBT Tip Sheet (pdf)
    Farmers Market Free SNAP EBT Equip (pdf)
  • CSU Basic Needs Video Conference systemwide update, SDSU and CSULB Programs - October 7, 2016 (ppt) (video)
  • Food & Housing Security Conference
Research & Curriculum

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