Timeline & Milestones

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CSC Bakersfield

CSC Bakersfield opens to students in spring. The city of Bakersfield was chosen as the site of the newest CSC campus because it was the largest isolated metropolitan area in the U.S. without a senior college or university.


The Statewide Alumni Council is organized. The council represents the campus-based alumni organizations, alumni and the CSU. As of 2010, the CSU had over 2.5 million alumni.


Systemwide name change

Systemwide name change to California State University and Colleges is authorized by legislature and Gov. Ronald Reagan; 14 of 19 campuses earn "university" designation, becoming CSU campuses.


Systemwide affirmative action office is established. The office addressed issues related to overcoming ethnic, economic and social underrepresentation in the makeup of the student body at the CSU.


Senate Bill 381 changes the names of four CSU universities: Humboldt State University, San Diego
State University, San Francisco State University and San José State University.


The CSU Chancellor's Office

First student trustee is appointed; second student trustee added in 2000. Student trustees are appointed by the governor from nominees proposed by the California State Student Association.

The CSU Chancellor's Office moves to its first permanent headquarters building in Long Beach. The office was previously located in leased space in Inglewood (1961-65) and later in the heart of Los Angeles.